Welcome, Late 20s!

12:58 PM

Hi There, 

Where has the time gone? I was 25 years old when I last wrote a blog post!!! How time flies!!
On a different day, I would write a more elaborate reason for my hiatus, scratch that, abandon of my blog. But today is special. Today, we're focusing on, not my past nearly 2 years of not blogging (because LIFE...), but rather, the oh so beautiful occasion that today marks! It's my BIRTHDAY! My absolute favorite day of the year! 

On this day, I feel so inspired to share. I feel so blessed to have been on this earth for 27 years. God has not only preserved me, but he's added such abundant blessings in my life that I at times feel undeserving of. I have been blessed with such amazing family and friends, a loving husband, a great job, a sound mind, educational opportunities, financial stability, babies (not my own but nephews, nieces, little cousins that I adore and who adore me just as much), the list goes on...

This time of year always brings me so much joy, but also brings me to a point of reflection. As I reflect on the past year, I feel nothing but gratefulness for the highs and the lows that have shaped me into the woman I am at 27. I am so excited to enter my late 20s. I am excited for growth, opportunities, challenges, different life stages. I'm also excited to start blogging again. Different factors and life events caused me to step away for a long while, but I realize it's something I've missed and want to refocus on and perhaps reshape in the coming year. 

As a start to the restart of this journey, I am sharing these photos my husband took of me on my birthday eve in LA. BTW, I enjoyed LA so much and I am convinced the LA life is the life I was meant to live. I hope you enjoy!

I'll see you back on here sometime soon. 

Happy birthday to me!!!

Boohoo romper from 3 years ago
Jimmy Choo pumps
Bag from a random boutique shop in RI

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