Memories from Morocco

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Last month, my boyfriend and I traveled to Morocco for my 25th birthday and fell in love! We fell in love with the culture, the people, the museums, the desert, the tea, the food! OmG! The food! It was such a fun and enriching experience and we had such an amazing time.
We visited several cities, and each gave us a unique reason to appreciate the country more.
As I reminisce on my time there, I thought it fitting to share a snippet of my captured memories to which I will forever hold dear.

Day 1 in Marrakech: wearing Zara coat, Gap tshirt and jeans, Converses
Day 2 in Marrakech: wearing Target dress, Gap sweater, and Converses
I'm notorious for underpacking when traveling because I hate carrying stuff. I didn't realize until I got there that I limited myself quite a bit with footwear options. So I had to make these Converses work for most of my time there.
Day 3 somewhere near the High Atlas Mountains on our way to the Sahara desert. We booked the trip rather impulsively so we didn't realize until after that it would be "winter" in Morocco. Some parts, especially near the mountains were cold. I'd take their "winter" over Boston's anyday though so that didn't take away from our experience. I wore this scarf for 3 days straight. No shame. 
Wearing: Topshop scarf. 
Ait Ben Haddou
We did a 3 day desert trip which culminated in an evening riding camels in the Sahara at sunset, having dinner with our group, being serenaded with songs by the indigenous people, and sleeping under billions of stars in the desert. It was just a magical time! We woke up early and climbed sand dunes for a beautiful view of the sunrise the next morning.
Day 6 in Fez
Our journey to Fez was not a pleasant one. We encountered snow, (yes, snow!) while passing the Atlas Mountains and had to take a detour that added 5 hours to our route. My french came in handy most time but our driver happened to not speak any French or English, which complicated the whole ordeal even more. Needless to say, we were not happy campers. As we explored Fez the next day, we didn't take many pictures.
Day 7 in Chefchaouen- the Blue City. I kid you not, everything is blue! Out of all the places we visited, Chefchaouen was my favorite. It was just so calm and peaceful, and just what we needed after our travels.
Wearing: Gap jeans and sweater, H&M shirt, Zara flats
December 19! My birthday! This was supposed to be the main event. Lol. But I was so tired and sleep deprived, I couldn't look entertained if I tried. In hindsight, we should have done a little less traveling. But there was so much to see, we wanted to soak in as much as we could in our 10 day sojourn. On that day, we got a Hammam (a steam bath), and a massage. No words to describe how amazing it felt.
Wearing: Zara coat, Banana Republic jumpsuit, Marshalls sandals
On the night of my birthday, we headed for a nice dinner and night in the city.
Wearing: Dress from Asos (recycled from my 24th bday- figured no one around had seen me in it haha), Macy's sweater.
Final day: On our last day in Morocco, we visited the Majorelle gardens, known as Yves St Laurent's gardens, the Menara gardens, and enjoyed a carriage ride through the city at sunset. It goes without saying that I did not want to leave. 
Wearing: Boohoo denim jacket, Marshalls shirt and sandals, Gap jeans

My only consolation leaving Morocco was the fact that we were headed to Lisbon, Portugal for a day, along with the impending holidays. Besides that I was all tears leaving Morocco. 
I will never forget the experience!

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  1. such great pictures!!! looks like it was an amazing, well spent time! And you managed to look cute the entire time! <3

    1. It was time well spent indeed :) Thanks love <3