Summer '16

2:58 AM

Hi there! It's been a minute since I've blogged. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer 2016! It's certainly been good to me. Though I haven't been posting, I've captured lots of outfits over the past months that I will share throughout the next couple of weeks. 

This summer, I adopted a minimal type of look. I basically ditched purses (though I did bring one along for this look), jeans, anything that hugs my body too tightly, and even heels! It's such a freeing feel for the summer, and I love it! I've overused and overworn staple pieces that I will dearly miss when summer ends, and I've added more color to my wardrobe. 

Speaking of summer ending, it's like we blinked and August got here- signaling that the season will soon end. I intend to make the end of summer '16 count. I hope you do too!

This outfit I wore back in June (I know, I've slacked a lot) has been one of my favorites of the summer. The off-the-shoulder shirt from Topshop, the breezy culottes from Zara, the necklace and sandals from ASOS, which are my favorite pieces this summer (so much that the necklace broke and sandals are all scratched up) made for a perfect look for a Saturday evening stroll with my love. 

I don't doubt that I'll go back to my heels, but for the rest of Summer '16, I'll enjoy being grounded. Check out more from my look below!

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Topshop
Culottes: Zara
Sandals and necklace: ASOS
Glasses: Aldo (I unfortunately lost these and am desperately looking for a new pair. Please give me some suggestions if you have any)
Purse: Gift 
Watch: MK

As always, thank you for reading :) I will be back soon!


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  1. hey hey i loooooooooooove you blog so organised and amazing you are beautiful keep it up