Styled by Kerenne: ft. Yvanka & Co

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This post is the first of a series entitled "Styled by Kerenne" that I will feature sporadically on here. The pilot of the series features my Oh So Beautiful friend! Yvanka, and her little bundle of joy to come!

This beautiful soul who graced my life during senior year of high school 6 years ago has been chosen to create life! Witnessing this life altering experience so close has been nothing short of amazing! We often talk about the miracle of life and its power to transform one's life into a ball of love and happiness, but there is something inherently special about navigating stages of life with a close friend, and witnessing firsthand the transformation and growth in their life. 

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are resilient. You are nurturing. You are intelligent. You are daring. You are audacious. You are patient. You are loving. You are strength. You are defiant. You are the definition of overcoming. You are a light. You are strong. You are loved. You are Yvanka. And because you are all these things and more, you will be the most amazing mother to the joy you are about to birth.

Congratulations to you and your fiancé my friend! I can't wait to see you continue navigating this journey called life, and the more transformations and amazing things that will come from it. Your little one is lucky to have you! 
Oh! And I cannot wait to meet the little joy!! 

Now that I've gotten the mushiness out of my fierce is this momma to be?
I've been obsessing over maternity fashion since I started shopping on ASOS years ago, and discovered their maternity line! I sometimes entertain the idea of buying some clothes, and you know... saving them for the future! Hahah.. (Don't judge!)

Naturally, I had to style Yvanka before her little love makes the grand entrance. After seeing the way she rocked this outfit, I honestly regret not having had more opportunities to do so throughout her pregnancy. (I got you on the next one..:) )

Yvanka obviously rocked this Zara dress! I attempted to put her in some heels, but she was more comfortable in her cute combat boots that you see in some of the pictures. She rocked both variations of the look fiercely and beautifully!

Check out more pictures below! 
And please send my drop-dead gorgeous friend and mother to be your well wishes in the comments below!

Outfit details:
Dress and Sandals: Zara
Combat boots: Forever 21
Scarf: Primark
Hat: H&M
Cardigan: TJ MAXX

As for all my other friends who will be next, be ready! I'm coming for you! :)

As always, 

Thank you for stopping by!


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