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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! December has been such a busy month for me; as I'm sure is the case for most. Last weekend, I celebrated my 24th birthday with cherished family and friends by my side. And this past Friday came my favorite holiday of the year. I love the joy that descends upon us during the holiday season. It seems even the grumpiest of persons gets a little warm hearted during this time. Though I felt a bit of sadness as the clock turned to 12:00 AM on December 20th and December 26th, officially marking the end of my birthday and Christmas respectively, I strongly think we can bottle up the holiday joy and carry it with us throughout the upcoming year. We can do so by simply thinking of the little things that made us joyful this season, and trying our best to emulate those little experiences and moments on random occasions. 
What did it for me was having my family and friends by my side, and the collective break from our daily lives to allow time to just relax and enjoy each other. My mom is not big on Christmas, and each year, I try my best to get her on my level of excitement. Judging from the holiday curtains, tablecloths, and rugs that filled our house, it's safe to say that I succeeded this year!

Between my birthday celebrations, Christmas prepping, and weekend getaways, finding the time to blog this month has been challenging. But fear not, I am back with a new post which features the recreation of one of my many birthday outfits. It's a little Boohoo romper from ASOS. I was hesitant to buy it because it's a bit out of my comfort zone. I normally go for midi lengths and dresses, plus I've never worn a romper. This was me trying something new and I LOVED it ! I wore the romper for my birthday party, or as I officially called it: "Kerenne's 2nd Annual Birthday/Christmas Extravaganza". The party, which was initially supposed to be a surprise birthday party thrown by my mom, was a huge success, just like my outfit!

Check out the pictures below!

Until next time!


Outfit Details:
Romper: ASOS
Shoes: Zara
Coat: Saks Fifth Avenue
Watch: MK

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  1. Your hair looks great! And I love the romper!

  2. I love it! Your blog is so dope!❤

  3. aww love this! you really do get excited during this time-- i had a great time celebrating with you! I love you shoes here! You make heels look so comfortable

    1. Thanks love <3 I'm happy you celebrated with me! I'm also glad that you had a great time! The shoes are actually very comfortable and most heels can be too! I can teach you ! lol