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It is Friday October 9, 2015, 12:29 PM. I document the date and time because it marks the moment I finally decide to overlook the fear of the unknown and start writing my first blog post. I have been harboring the desire to enter the world of blogging for months now and I am finally diving in! Thank you for visiting. Read my story below!
You know when you get inspired to do something and your excitement is through the roof at that moment, and you get a myriad of ideas about how to make the particular decision come to fruition and how it will impact your life, and it sometimes leads to impulsive and at times expensive moves. No? Is it just me? 

Well I was at work on a slow Friday in April, browsing the picture folder on my phone and trying to decide which to delete out of my nearly 2000 pictures in order to clear some memory space. As I scrolled through hundreds of images and videos on my then 8 month old Samsung Galaxy S5, I realized that I did not want to dispose of any of my photos. I cherished each and every one of the outfits, emotions, and moments displayed. I thought of how much of a waste it would be for me to delete them without sharing them with someone, not only to inspire them, but perhaps to discuss a different arrangement of it, as I love putting pieces together, love clothes, and love fashion! There are a number of solutions that could have resolved my rather simple problem. The one that came and stuck to my mind however was to start a blog; not only to preserve my pictures and my outfits ideas, but to also provide them with a bigger purpose and meaning, to share them with a platform that extends past social media and provide inspiration to others as I engage with bloggers of similar and different interests. While still on the high from my brilliant decision, I went on and purchased a professional camera: a Canon Rebel t5! I could not contend my joy! I shared the news with my boyfriend, Emmanuel and several of my close friends. Quickly after my initial period of elation, I started to think of the many things that could go wrong, of how blogging is such a common and competitive activity these days, and that my blog would not be successful. I let the fear of the unknown consume me while I crafted a number of excuses for Emmanuel and my friends every time they brought up the subject. One of them, Kim, kept reassuring that I have nothing to lose. Well today is the day! As I write this, I find myself as excited as I was on that Friday in April. 

I present to you my first blog post! It’s entitled: NOTHING TO LOSE!. Please share your comments and ideas with me! 

I hope you stop by again, 

 Outfit details:
Skirt and Top: Thrifted (gifted from Mom)
Shoes: Kohls  
Coat: ASOS
Purse: TJ Maxx
Necklace: ASOS
Earrings: H&M


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  1. Welcome Kerenne! I am honored to be the first follower to comment on your blog. This bold decision that you have made, is a first step into the right direction. BTW your boyfriend Emmanuel sounds like a great wonderful human being lol, he's extremely luck to have you!! Good luck on your Journey!!

  2. AW Kerenne! This is great! So glad you've decided to do this! You're first post is great. It exudes excitement and passion. I will definitely be a frequent reader-- as a matter of fact I am going to bookmark this page as we speak. <3

    1. Thank you hun! I appreciate the support! You can now subscribe so you don't miss any posts :)